Get Naloxone

Naloxone is a medication designed to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. Our goal is to make carrying Naloxone just as common as a person’s wallet in their pocket. Having the life-saving drug will reduce cases of death and most importantly give a person hope towards a better tomorrow.

Woman holding narcan nasal spray and naloxone

If you meet the criteria, you could get a kit of Naloxone mailed directly to your home!

BHRC and NEXT Distro have partnered to get Naloxone to you through the mail. If you meet the requirements below, take the quick training to receive your kit. 1) You have a Maryland address. 2) You cannot obtain naloxone through the pharmacy (because of lack of funds, lack of transportation, etc.) 3) You have a reasonable chance of witnessing an overdose that may involve opioids within the year aspects of addiction.

Sign up for a training hosted by Health Department staff

Twice a month the Health Department offers live-virtual trainings. Sign up through the link below to join. Everyone will have the opportunity to obtain a kit of Naloxone after the training is complete.


The map below shows where you can get Narcan Nasal Spray (a formulation of naloxone) in Baltimore City.