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The road to recovery is just as unique as you are. Find the treatment center nearest to you using our Treatment Locator.

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“Save a life today so they can make a better choice tomorrow” -Nathan Fields, BCHD

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Put your knowledge to the test. Taking this quiz will help de-bunk myths, expand your knowledge, and help you better understand substance use disorder.

Additional Resources

Arming yourself with knowledge and resources is the first step in combatting the opioid crisis. This helps you fight not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well. Visit our Get Educated section to learn more and download our free informational guides.


Having knowledge of resources available to you and the laws as they apply to the epidemic, are important components for staying safe. Learn more as you follow the links below.

For Friends & Family

Facing substance use disorder is isolating and often dealt with alone, but this should not be the case. Having friend and family support can make a world of difference. Find out more about how to help your loved one during trying times on our Get Help Page.