Overdose and Naloxone information for Pharmacists and Prescribers

We aim to provide resources and tips to help you and your patient navigate addiction together. Combining pain management techniques along with safety recommendations will increase awareness about the dangers of substance use disorder.

Five Things Your Patient Should Know When Taking Opioids

When prescribed an opioid, the likelihood of addiction increases. Help your patient be aware of these risks and how to avoid them.

How to Refer Patients to Treatment and Recovery

  1. Discuss the referral with your patient to identify any treatment preferences.
  2. Review the list of treatment programs and identify the most convenient and appropriate location.
  3. Make a call while you are with your patient to ensure they get an appointment.
  4. Describe your patient’s clinical symptoms after verifying them with the patient.
  5. Be sure to provide the patient with date, time, location of appointment on paper and ensuring they have reliable transportation.
  6. Provide a kit of Narcan if available.