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Intoxication deaths in Baltimore City in 2019


Of all Baltimore City overdose deaths involved fentanyl in 2019


The homicide rate in Baltimore City

Fighting the opioid epidemic since the 1950’s.

“Many people may be unaware of the drug epidemic in Baltimore and how it’s affecting our youth.”

– Black Chakra

  • Addiction is not a moral failing, a matter of willpower, a sign of weakness, or a condition to be ashamed of.
  • Recognize the signs! Visiting multiple doctors for prescriptions, suddenly shifting moods, social withdrawal, unexplained financial problems, and falling asleep at inappropriate times are all potential signs of a substance use disorder.

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Chemically, there’s a huge difference between prescription opioids and heroin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Naloxone is administered and it was not an opioid overdose?

If there are no opioid’s in the system, Naloxone will do no harm to the individuals.

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